Jeanne Marie Ferraro
glassblower, sculptor, painter

I grew up in a city with diverse voices, and listening to people's stories told through movement and expression became my way to learn about the world, my fellow humans, and their lives. From childhood, these stories grew into a visual experience. I physicalize these stories into my art to express the lives of their subjects and how their personal narratives represent all of us.

In my portraits I strive to convey more than a physical representation. Each portrait is intended to represent a piece of the subject's story, or a narrative of their present situation. It might be the reminiscence of a joyful relationship, or hiding from childhood pain, or fighting death while holding on to the strength of love. There is substance and beauty in this subtlety beyond superficial representation, that is more than one person's experience, but a shared story of many people.

My experience and my experiments with multiple processes and materials have allowed me to realize my artistic voice. In my painting I work from a relatively bright, fiery palette and experiment with color theory and the way colors react to each other. Thus my artistic purpose; to honor life, emotions, and experiences in a way that will invoke thought and grace. It is the way I see people, from the outside in.

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